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A Better Naming Experience

According to the Williams Institute’s June 2016 report, an estimated 0.6% of adults, about 1.4 million, identify as transgender in the United States and out of 10,000 teenagers (aged 13-17) polled by the Human Rights Campaign in 2012, 33% percent identified as transgender and 66% identified as a non-binary and non-transgender person.


0.6% and 33% statistic graphic

As an increasing number of young people and adults are coming out as transgender, it brings about a need in the community that has not been addressed – a names website meant for individuals looking to rename themselves that includes gender-neutral names and stays away from a strict binary.


In places like the U.K., where they have a deed poll process costing only $50 to change ones name, the BBC News Magazine reported name changes in teenagers and adults were on the rise. The UK Deed Poll Service reported a 30% increase of name changes issued in the month of September 2011 as opposed to the same month of the previous year.


Most, if not all, name websites are catered towards parents looking to name their to-be-born or adopted child/children. Not only are these websites not catering to the transgender community, but they are also often poorly designed, riddled with advertisements, and are not intuitive for users to navigate.


Our Goals

We look to provide a names website that caters to the transgender community and people looking to change their names for any number of reasons. In addition to the names piece of the website, we aim to provide resources, information, advice, a forum for discussion, and the ability to purchase name validating products to affirm and celebrate your gender identity and choice of name.

The Lavender Fund

This website is sponsored by The Lavender Fund, a national non-profit which helps provide funding towards LGBTQIA+ projects and organizations across the United States. The Lavender Fund focuses on supporting under represented resources and services within the community with initiatives like our own. All proceeds made from our products go to The Lavender Fund to help support other important projects with which the community can benefit.